Content Marketing Editor

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June 11, 2021
This job may be expired.

For this role, we are looking for an editor who can help our writers improve over time and across clients in structure, tone, style, and on-page SEO. As much teacher as teammate, this person will review every piece of content at least twice — from an early outline to a nearly final draft — and use each review as an opportunity to encourage the writer and drive their continued growth in the craft.

"A real editor isn’t just someone you work with; they are your guide. They see your brain doing its thing and learn its weaknesses and abilities, and if they're really good, they figure out what you need to hear to compensate for the former and accentuate the latter.”
- Ariel Levy

This role reports to our Director of Content, and may also work closely with one or more content strategists.

You're a fit for the Content Marketing Editor role if:

  • You have a proven track record of successful writing and editing long-form content, ideally B2B, SaaS, or tech blog posts, guides, and/or ebooks
  • You have experience teaching, coaching, or mentoring writers or non-writers
  • You can communicate why changes should be made, not simply fix errors or improve writing
  • You can patiently explain writing concepts from multiple perspectives, multiple times
  • You're organized, independently motivated, wants to grow as an editor, and loves coaching writers
  • You know how to balance feedback with encouragement
  • You're willing to step back from day-to-day editing work to improve existing processes and systems to ensure Animalz delivers quality content to every customer

This role's responsibilities include:

  • Editing ~20 B2B articles and outlines per week (~1,500 words each), ensuring they comply with the customer strategy and meet Animalz Quality Standards
  • Educating our writers around good content in form, structure and technical aspects in drafts, in live training sessions, and with other editors
  • Providing support and constructive feedback to writers to help them improve their craft in drafts and one-on-one
  • Improving existing editing processes
  • Helping Animalz hire writers by reviewing applications and writing projects, and eventually interviewing candidates
  • Owning your career development at Animalz

This role requires:

  • A demonstrated ability to understand content marketing strategies and edit individual pieces to align appropriately
  • A desire to help writers improve their craft and elevate content to the highest quality
  • Familiarity with email marketing, social media, and popular blogging platforms, and the different writing and stylistic requirements of each
  • Strong interest in B2B, SaaS, and/or technology and a thorough knowledge of the top content and thought leadership in these fields
  • A desire to work at least four hours a day in EST hours (to accommodate our team's schedules)
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